What makes the difference

Improve productivity of industrial laundries

Aarnink Laundry Consultancy is a specialist in improving productivity in the laundry industry. 

What makes the difference

  • Automatic production flow through LEAN-principle
  • Automatic unloading of the linen at your working stations
  • Clean working environment
  • Good ergonomics
  • Intelligent buffer
  • Packing belts
  • Distribution belts
  • Make it easy for the people, think for them
  • The correct amount of linen
  • Give work Instructions
  • Clean environment
  • Easy work position
  • Track and trace
  • Flow control customer category
  • Good house keeping
  • Direct picking
  • First in first out
  • Robotics 

Improve production up to 100%  

Improve production it is possible,
sometimes up to 100% 

Improve productivity

We’ll help you make your laundry more productive than ever, by streamlining operations, automatic production flow through LEAN principle, clean working environment, good ergonomics, introducing more effective processes, intelligent buffers, packings belts and optimal distribution.

Work smart not hard.

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source from youtube : Performia Australia

Need Advice?

Contact us for a detailed productivity scan of your industrial laundry factory. Aarnink Laundry Consultancy guarantees a substantial increase in productivity. Whether its by training, redesign, savings on transportation or energy or optimisation of logistics.

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