Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines

Welcome to Aarnink Laundry Consultancy

We are specialized in laundry operations, processes and its commercial effectiveness.

Think profit first!

Do you know why profit is made inside your company, and how to get more? 

Do you know where the loss occurs and how to make a turnaround?

Let me point this out for you.               

Redmer Aarnink - Commercial Laundry Consultant

About Redmer Aarnink

During my childhood I developed a strong love and passion for the textile cleaning industry, due to my involvement in the family-owned laundry business.

As a consultant, I will analyse  potential improvements within your company based on industry specific key figures, such as: sales, customer profitability, productivity, internal logistics, leasing, energy and transport costs and the best solutions when extending or building a new laundry.

It may seem like an easy step to give advice on goodhousekeeping however, there is a big difference with the approach of ALC (Aarnink Laundry Consultancy).

I will not only design the program or solutions, but put it in practise too. I will actively guide you through the process to improve your company.

Together we can make the difference.

Let’s start optimizing!