What makes the difference

Energy cost savings for the laundry industry

With a smart energy flow and re-use of energy substantial energy cost savings can be accomplished for industrial laundry plants.

Cost savings it is posible,
some times up to 75%

16% of the sunlight can be converted into electricity.

61% of the sunlight can be converted into hot water.

With reclaimed energy hot water can be produced.

Energy Savings

Together with our clients we are working on sustainable solutions and reducing energy use in the laundry industry. 

Aarnink Laundry Consultancy designed, together with its partners, solutions to reduce up to 75% on energy using Smart Energy.

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Contact us for a detailed productivity scan of your industrial laundry factory. Aarnink Laundry Consultancy guarantees a substantial increase in productivity. Whether its by training, redesign, savings on transportation or energy or optimisation of logistics.

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