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About Aarnink Laundry Consultancy


Aarnink Laundry Consultancy was founded in September 2021. After a long international career in the laundry industry this was the logical next step for me (Redmer Aarnink). 

I am an expert in laundry services for hotel, care, workware mats, wipes, roller towels and more.

My expertise encompasses all aspects of laundry services including laundry layout, relocation, remodel, space planning, workflow design, optimisation of transportation and productivity.


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Redmer Aarnink - Commercial Laundry Consultant

About Redmer Aarnink

My love and passion for the textile cleaning industry started during my childhood, as my parents owned a laundry where I spent most of my free time.

Since 1989 I have held various positions in the laundry industry. From location manager, responsible for 30 FTE , to senior commercial executive in an international company specialized in logistical design and controling linenflow for laundries and supplies transport systems, controls and software.

In this company I was responsible for:

  • Sales Department including targets and marketing
  • Auditing and analysis of laundries worldwide
  • Negotiating and selling projects up to EUR 3 million
  • Supervising the achievement of set objectives (aftersales and guidance)
  • Leading and training prospective sales talent and sales employees

Before I started as an independent consultant in the laundry industry, I worked many years in Germany as technical director of a laundry chain with 27 laundrys and more than 3500 employees in 6 countries.

There I was responsible for:

  •  Improving the production and production processes through LEAN and SIX-Sigma
  •  ROI calculations for replacements and new projects
  •  Energy saving
  •  Optimizing logistics and transport (300 trucks)
  •  Customer analysis and strategy development
  •  Improving the linen lease process, savings and sustainability

Thanks to many years of international experience, I have been able to develop myself further in understanding the total process of the industrial laundry and its commercial effectiveness.

I am driven, enthusiastic and have a result-oriented mentality. I know how to inspire my colleagues and employees, I create a pleasant working atmosphere and radiate authority when the situation demands it.

Furthermore, I am able to prioritise key issues, have the ability to put things into perspective and have a positive attitude towards life.